Today I choose not to be wrecked by life.

Today I choose to not be mad at the Ex-Boyfriend-From-Hell and instead ruefully ruminate about the foibles of all humans.

Today I choose not to wish my friends would not hang out with the Ex-Boyfriend-From-Hell without me and instead hope that we can catch up at some point.

Today I choose to think of a better tomorrow instead of revisiting the past.

Because the past is a tire fire.

Maybe tomorrow isn’t.

Fuck, I hope it isn’t.

Musing the First

Well geez. Here we are, intergang. I guess at this point I just write whatever I want here and maybe a more refined theme will emerge over time. Step one is just writing something – anything down. Since this isn’t working in physical journal or personal OneNote form yet, maybe published website form will. Probably not, though.

What do I think I’ll write about? No fucking clue. Cheerio, all.