This is a publication. To be frank, it’s a publication that has little point in existing other than as a vain hope it will inspire some feeling of obligation in me to write more often and overcome a fear of committing any words to any kind of paper, digital or otherwise. So who knows what will be posted on the website. Mostly because Allie Brosh at Hyperbole and a Half already made the blog I want to make. Fuck.



AKA Why the Fuck is it Called Gentle Tentacle?

So one day I am discussing hentai (animated Japanese porn) with my nerdy guy friends and of course, tentacle porn comes up, because we rarely have conversations where it doesn’t. I say I am icked out by it but, in fairness, I had never seen any since tentacle porn has a strong nonconsensual connotation, and I am definitely not into that and seriously fear even the thumbnails I might see with a tentacle porn search.

The guys say hey! There is gentle, loving tentacle porn out there, it just gets a bad rap! And of course I decided I should buy the domain name and start a porn site. Instead, I am polluting the internet with another millennial’s drivel. Ain’t life funny.